Tenant Information

Managing in a Covid-19 World

Health and Safety – Be Vigilant

Health Canada’s approval of Covid-19 vaccine(s) gives us some light at the end of the tunnel.  However it could be a year before everyone is inoculated. With this in mind, we ask all Tenants to you please continue to practise extreme vigilance when returning to your offices. Berkeley Castle Management has developed detailed instructions for your safe return to your workplace.  Please take the time to review this important information with your staff.  If you have any questions, contact the Berkeley Castle Management Office at info@berkeleycastle.ca or 416-366-3704

Building Rules – Aug 2020 Click Here

Safety Guidelines and Policies – Aug. 2020  Click Here

 Berkeley Castle Holiday Hours Click Here

Covid-19 Tenant Email Library

Throughout the pandemic, Berkeley Castle Management has provided regular email updates to Tenants on Safety Procedures, Government updates and links to resources that can help your business. In case you have missed any email or you need to refer back to earlier information, we have assembled all the email for quick reference Click Here to access.


Tenant Fire Safety Plan

If you are a tenant in our building, you should be aware of what to do in case of fire. We have a detailed tenant fire safety plan: Click here


New Tenant Information Package

 Welcome to Berkeley Castle, our New Tenant Information package contains all the information you need to help you get settled in.  If you have any other questions like:  Where can I Park my car?, Can I access the building after hours? Click here

Parking Garage Application Forms

Reserved and non-reserved parking spaces are available for tenant rental in the Princess Street parking garage located under the school. Just complete the parking application form and return it to the Berkeley Castle Management Office.  Contact the Management Office at 416-366-3704                                                                                                                


           Parking Garage Map and Instructions Click Here

Are you planning renovations for your suite?

Before you undertake any construction work of any kind, you are first required to get permission from the management office. Any contractors you hire will be required to follow the attached set of basic guidelines. please provide them with this sheet before they give you a quote:  Click here


For information contact:
Berkeley Castle Management
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Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Phone: (416)366-3704
Fax: (416)366-3857